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Pictures Marketing Cocktail Hong Kong

A photographer of was at our 1st Marketing Cocktail Hong Kong to picture the event. Have a look here (it’s the first few pictures; also another event has been featured).


Judge kills eiPott

A German court decided that the company Koziol has to drop the name and design of their egg holder eiPott, because it looks too much like Apple’s iPod. As till now, the product is still available at the company’s web shop. Feels like we’re in China!

Now have a look at the name, logo and design of eiPott. Of course Koziol did this on purpose. But, what marketeer would do that? Actually, it’s not even worth the PR. It can’t be a joke, because it’s a serious company actually selling the product. So, come on people, please try to be at least a little bit original. That’s exactly how Apple grew big and is still growing. And now don’t come up with changing the name into Pott, which is what they really threaten to do.

One more time: marketing is about creating Unique Selling Propositions. Copying really is not a USP. If you don’t agree: move to China or make a serious career shift.

PR 2.0 by Deirdre Breakenridge

Last Thursday I attended an event (presentation/networking) organized by social media PR-agency Coopr (owned by agency Bijl). Deirdre Breakenridge‘s presentation on PR 2.0 was what we all came for, apart of course from having some drinks and do some LIVE networking with PR-colleagues.

As we may expect from Americans, Deirdre did a great presentation. She spoke for 1,5 hour in a row without any uh’s or ah’s and I wasn’t bored for a single minute. The only thing that made me a bit nervous was the small chair I was sitting on, but that has to do with being rather tall.

What I liked about her story was that she managed to keep it pragmatic for all 70 PR-professionals in De Unie in Rotterdam. Key points to me were:

  • Track the key influencers (bloggers, twitterers, website owners) and see if you can become part of their discussions;
  • Don’t try to change the mind of people who just hate your company: they won’t;
  • Social media are not restricted to B2C at all. A lot of B2B companies (in the US) do have a proactive PR-policy for social media (and then Friday I saw a research paper stating more B2B than B2C companies are on social media…If anyone has some data on this, I would be more than interested);
  • Some suggestions of useful international blogs, like

I thank Coopr for organizing this. No doubt that many Dutch PR-professionals want and need to know more about using social media as a PR channel, so a 2nd PR 2.0 event would be a logical next step to me.