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Pictures Marketing Cocktail Hong Kong

A photographer of was at our 1st Marketing Cocktail Hong Kong to picture the event. Have a look here (it’s the first few pictures; also another event has been featured).


Patrick van Hees’ road to happiness: goals, relationships and recharge

The great advantage of having your own blog is that you decide yourself what to write about. Although it’s not my habit, I want to promote the debut roman of my good friend Patrick van Hees’: ‘De Geluksprofessor‘, published in the Netherlands on The Happiest Day of 2011: 17 June. The Happiest Day? Yes, academic research has shown that the last Friday before the actual summer starts, is the happiest day of the year. And on the 17th there’s still some money on the bank as well. Makes sense.

In his book, Patrick describes the road to happiness in three steps. The first is to set clear and realistic goals for yourself. Goals get you started and keep you going. There’s always this perspective you’re dedicated to. Next to this, you have to build true relationships with people, instead of just having superficial contacts. Last but not least, one should on a regular basis ‘recharge’. Get new energy from things that you really like to do and not just because it’s fashionable (if you happen to like the hip and happening, that’s fine of course;-): do sports, go to the beach, walk, have a massage, play cards, spend a long night with your girlfriend, anything you like.

Next to being a writer, Patrick is a successfull marketeer and entrepreneur. That’s why I also asked him to become a member of the Advisory Board of my agency C-People. A great honour to me that he was delighted to do so, but of course a great honour to him as well;-)

Buy the book here.

The Daily: one small step according to criticasters, one giant leap for mankind

Yesterday, Apple launched The Daily. It’s a daily digital paper, developed exclusively for the iPad. Apple developed it together with Rupert Muroch’s News Corporation.

Again, Apple is the innovator.

I heard some criticasters say this is no serious competition for printed daily’s. One of the reasons would be the small editorial team working for The Daily. Uhm, with one of the biggest media network behind it?? Murdoch claims there are 100 journalists working for his new digital baby. And I believe him. If a media tycoon like Murdoch launches a new product, he doesn’t do it just for fun.  And Apple won’t neither. The Daily and upcoming competing digital papers will not make printed versions disappear, but they will be a fierce competitor. This is just the beginning.

Conservative criticasters and media, you better move!

The Chinese invasion: Part II

Last week, the claimed world’s largest bank ICBC opened a branche in Amsterdam. It’s the first Chinese bank opening an office in the Dutch capital and without any doubt, much more will follow. Also Indian and Japanse banks are being pursued to come to the Netherlands and Europe.


The Chinese invasion is not limited to banking. Also in transport, infrastructure and shipping the Chinese are making some major investments in Europe.

We are witnessing a global economical shift. I never believed the back to basics story: globalization is in full swing! At this stage, it’s just one way traffic from Asia to Europe.

Entrepreneurs: move to Asia!

Europe is reached the peak of economic development they started in the 50’s and will more or less stand still for the next decade. US is bouncing back from the worst crisis in history, but has some more obstacles to take down the road. If you want to do business, grow and be in the centre of where it’s all happening the next 20 years you just have to move to Asia!

And the good news is: Asia is in desperate need of Western minds! Leaving 50 years of strong economic development behind us and having a different psycho-cultural background, we do things differently than most Asians. It has nothing to do with better or worse, it’s different.

In the West we tend to be more creative and conceptual thinkers when it comes to strategy development for the mid and longer term. This will become more and more important in emerging markets where competition will become more fierce as markets fill up. This Western skill set combines perfectly wirth the more tactical/operational approach of Asians in general (of course there are differences between Chinese and Indonesians for example). Asians, especially Chinese, are very good in bringing projects to a successfull end in short time. On top of that, they are great businessmen with good commercial skills.

The only thing it needs for Americans or Europeans is a bit of patience in dealing with Asians. And vice versa Asian business partners must realize that (most of) Western people are not arrogant. Although I experienced some Europeans during my stay in Asia who exposed an attitude that reminded more of the colonial behaviour you would have seen a 100 years or longer ago. They must have slept for a while.

Anyway, if you are young, ambitious, adventurous and have good intercultural and social skills, just do it! Pack your bags and fly to Hongkong, Shanghai or Singapore!

25 Years left

Last Tuesday I had been invited to the Big Improvement Day (BID) 2010. BID brings together “decision makers” (apparantly I, Diederik Heinink, belong to that group;-) from companies and governmental organizations.

Starting slowly, it turned out to be a great day. There were some very inspiring speakers. Blind adventurer and motivational speaker Miles Hilton Barber was there leaving quotes as “Life isn’t measured by the amount of breathes you take, but by the times that your breath was taken away”.  Miles, now 61, turned blind when he was 20, sat still till his 50’st and then woke up, together with his blind brother. They started to travel the world in an extreme way. From the Grand Canyon, crossing deserts to the top of the Kilimanjaro. An amazing story!

Jan Kees de Jager spoke about how he wants to stimulate entrepreneurship and won the BID Award for most entrepreneurial politician.

Some young entrepreneurs presented themselves as well. Interviewed by Annemarie van Gaal, especially 19-year old Bernd Damme, founder of online sunglass shop impressed me. Incredible how a boy of his age is able to express hmself, has a vision and tell the story of his company. Coincidentally, I bumped into him in restaurant Staal in Rotterdam yesterday.

The second half of the day we could listen to an emotional Jacob Soetendorp, who was -as we all were- very impressed by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Last, but not least, I want to mention Bettine Vriesekoop and especially Rajesh Patel, CEO of Exact Software. They quieted me wondering why all speakers where only talking about the Netherlands, while our growth and future will depend for a bigger and bigger part of what’s happening in the East and other countries.

Pointing to the somewhat passive attitude of the West, he pointed out that if we didn’t take any action, we will end up ironing shirts for Chinese and Indians in 2035, in stead of them ironing ours now.

It was a wake up call. Let’s hope it sparked some people!

How to become a billionaire in China

In 2009, China counted not less than 130 dollar billionaires. Below the list of 25 richest persons in China that I picked from the website of the Association of Dutch Businessmen (ADB) in Singapore. Real estate clearly has been the big money maker.

Name – Billions ($) – Company – Industry

1 Wang Chuanfu 5.1 BYD Electric cars, batteries

2 Zhang Yin 4.9 Nine Dragons Paper Paper

3 Xu Rongmao 4.7 Shimao Real estate

4 Yang Huiyan 4.6 Country Garden Real estate

5 Huang Wei & Li Ping 4.4 Sinhoo Real estate and finance

5 Liu Yongxing 4.4 East Hope Group Chemicals, aluminium

5 Lu Zhiqiang 4.4 Fanhai Real estate and finance

5 Zhu Jianlin 4.4 Hoson Development Real estate

9 Wang Jianlin 4.3 Wanda Group Real estate

10 Liu Zhongtian 4.1 Zhongwang Group Aluminium, plastics

10 Yan Bin 4.1 Reingwood Group Real estate, mining

10 Zhang Jindong 4.1 Suning Retail, real estate

13 Lv Xiangyang 4.0 Guangzhou Young Cars, gsm, batteries, mining

13 Zong Qinghou 4.0 Wahaha Textile, beverages

15 Chen Fashu 3.7 Xinhuadu Ind. Group Retail, gold and pharmaceutical

16 Ma Huateng 3.6 Tencent Gsm and online activities

17 Chen Lihua 3.4 Fu Wah International Real estate

17 He Xiangjian 3.4 Midea Group Household appliances

17 Huang Guangyu 3.4 Pengrun Investment Retail, real estate, private equity

20 Liang Wen’gen 3.2 Sany Heavy Industry Industrial machineries

20 Liu Yonghao 3.2 New Hope Group Real estate, chemistry, nutrition

22 Chen Zhuolin 3.1 Agile Property Real estate

22 Liu Canglong & Liu Hailong 3.1 Hongda Group Chemistry, metal and real estate

22 Lu Guangqui 3.1 Wanxiang Group Car parts, real estate

22 Xiuli Hawken 3.1 Renhe Group Real estate

(Source: Huron Report of Rupert Hoogewerf)