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Hong Kong, come Study in Holland!

With the slogan “Where talents grow.” The Dutch Consulate in Hong Kong started a campaign last week to raise awareness among Hong Kong students about studying in Holland.

Watch the video here.

In a very student-like way, the video tells about all the advantages that studying in Holland offers: the high average score of Dutch universities, good price quality and the fact that nearly all international programmes in Holland are entirely taught in English. Of course it also shows typical elements of Dutch culture, like bikes, chocolate sprinkles and the flat countryside.


Sex sells

What’s a better way to start the year than a great article in the Economist on the essence of marketing: people are irrational.

And indeed, my posts on stunning babes hired by Dutch beer brand Bavaria last year and this very post are ranked 3 and 4 among the best read posts ever (see menu at the right), and counting…

Pictures Marketing Cocktail Hong Kong

A photographer of was at our 1st Marketing Cocktail Hong Kong to picture the event. Have a look here (it’s the first few pictures; also another event has been featured).

Sony remains Asia’s most popular brand

Survey today revealed Sony remains Asia’s most popular brand. It’s an Asian party, with Panasonic and Samsung at top rankings. Remarkably, the full top 5 are all consumer electronics brands. This sais all about current consumer behavior in Asia and the phase of the consumer cycle.

Campaign Asia conducted the yearly survey together with TNS. Check out the full ranking here (subscription needed).

NIBC advertising campaign live!

THINK YES! The past few months been busy working on the new campaign for NIBC together with advertising agency ARA. Last monday, the campaign went live with this TV-commercial. The first print ad (scroll down a little bit) was being placed today, radio and online are following next week.

Goal of the campaign is to increase name recognition and to position NIBC as a bank with a can do mentality, just like their entrepreneurial clients. Pay off of the campaign is THINK YES.

Judge kills eiPott

A German court decided that the company Koziol has to drop the name and design of their egg holder eiPott, because it looks too much like Apple’s iPod. As till now, the product is still available at the company’s web shop. Feels like we’re in China!

Now have a look at the name, logo and design of eiPott. Of course Koziol did this on purpose. But, what marketeer would do that? Actually, it’s not even worth the PR. It can’t be a joke, because it’s a serious company actually selling the product. So, come on people, please try to be at least a little bit original. That’s exactly how Apple grew big and is still growing. And now don’t come up with changing the name into Pott, which is what they really threaten to do.

One more time: marketing is about creating Unique Selling Propositions. Copying really is not a USP. If you don’t agree: move to China or make a serious career shift.

Humor sells

Yesterday results of a recent scientific study were being published on the effects of humor in advertising. The study showed that humor in ads does have a positive impact on customers. The study was being performed by Madelijn Strick from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, Holland.laughing

If humor helps to bring across messages to your partner, colleagues or family, it is not very surprising that it smoothens communication with other target groups, like customers.

I was pretty surprised though by one other fact that had been proved by the researchers: viewers of a funny tv commercial or an ad next to a cartoon, for example, do not always remember the brand, but do make a positive association with the right product once they are in the store. This is called the ´humor paradox´by Strick. And even better, this positive association makes them move in the famous AIDA-customer behaviour model from the letter D (Desire) to the letter what we all target for: the A for Action. Bingo! Humor sells!

I do not exactly remember how many, but I wrote several articles in the (recent) past, stating how much I disliked advertising trying to be funny (of course there are lots of really funny ads), but do not succeed in making me remember what brand is being advertised. Now I know that that is not important at all, according to Strick, I think I have ask Google to delete these articles. After all, they might make some people laugh. Oh wait…that´s good!