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C-People makes sure companies get known and that people want to buy their products and services. We mainly work for corporates and financials in Asia and for Western companies that want to move to or market in Asia. Projects vary from developing PR strategies to writing press releases and from creating advertising campaigns to making a brochure.

It’s all about business

C-People’s philosophy is simple: our work should help clients to grow their business. Marketing and communications should not be about more than exactly that. Winning great awards for our creative work does not have any value to us, if it didn’t help our client. But if creativity is the way to help our client, we come up with price-winning creative concepts.

Another element of our approach is our people. We only hire professionals who know what they’re talking about. Our clients are mostly in knowledge driven industries: financials, professional services and corporates. A short skirt does not serve these type of clients. Big brains do.

A third key element is that we are always hungry. We dare to say that we are more proactive than any other agency. That’s because we are really passionate about what we do. And when you do what you do with your heart, your drive is endless.

Try, and you’ll be pleasantly surpirsed.

At this blog, we look at interesting marketing and business stories, all over the world. Of course, with a slight preference for Asia. Life has to be a little bit spicy, doesn’t it?


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